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Queen of Belgium and Vermeiren to visit Bo'ai School

Queen of Belgium and Vermeiren to visit Bo'ai School

Release: 2015-06-25 00:00

On June 26, 2015, the Belgian King Philip and Queen Mathilde visited Suzhou.

The Queen visited the Suzhou Industrial Park Bo'ai School accompanied by Mr Patrick Vermeiren, CEO.
Vermeiren Medical Equipment has a deep friendship with Suzhou Bo'ai School.

Bo’ai School introduced their educational philosophy and achievements to the Queen after which the Queen read the book together with the children and accepted gifts which were made by the children.
The Queen, surrounded by the children, said, "I am very happy to come to Bo’ai School today. Thank you for your warm welcome. This is my first time to come to Suzhou. I am very happy to meet you!"
As a Speech Pathologist, the Queen pays particular attention to the language teaching of the school.

Mrs. Liang, the schoolmaster of Bo’ai School said: "With the help of the government and the help of the enterprise and the community, our school has accomplished the present development."
Sheng Lei, the deputy mayor of Suzhou who accompanied the visit: "Belgian companies in Suzhou are very enthusiastic about public welfare and they often come to Bo'ai School to do volunteer service."

The Queen also gave the school teachers a warm compliment: "This visit is too short. Thank you for helping to provide a better future for the children. Your love has set an example for the children! Suzhou is beautiful. You are great!"