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  • V300


    Durable wheelchair with endless adjustment possibilities...

  • V300 XR

    V300 XR

    A durable mix between functionality and activity...

  • ECL X1 commode

    ECL X1 commode

     ECL X1 commode is a compact and lightweight aluminum alloy wheelchair that is simple and stable in structure and easy to operate. Fixed handrails and footrests, adding handbrake function for easy care by the caregiver. And its large wheel quick release, body folding and folding function make the wheelchair more space-saving after folding, easy to carry and transport. There are two seat widths of 420 and 460mm....

  • 9300 - Commode Chair

    9300 - Commode Chair

    The 9300 comes with an  anatomical shaped back reclinable and removable middle part of the seat removable rear wheels 24x1 3/8 PU directional front wheels 200x50 PU soft and manual brakes on the rear wheels. Available seat widths are 430  and 460 mm.

  • 708 D

    708 D

    Our classic functional steel wheelchair...

  • V300 30

    V300 30

    Durable wheelchair with endless adjustment possibilities and reclining backrest...

  • V300 E

    V300 E

    Our NEW lightweight power wheelchair equipped with adjustable footrests and armrests...

  • Ashley - Walking Aid

    Ashley - Walking Aid

    A height adjustable crutch available in different sizes...

  • Mary - Walking Aid

    Mary - Walking Aid

    A stylish height adjustable cane...

  • Zoë - Walking Aid

    Zoë - Walking Aid

    A height adjustable tripod walker available in a stylish black colour...

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